Who are the main characters in Butterflies, Flowers? Here’s a complete list… with some very minor spoilers!

Choko Kuze

An office worker from an upper-class family that used to be rich. But 13 years ago, Choko’s father made some bad real estate decisions and the family went bankrupt. In order to provide a generous severance pay for all of their servants, the Kuze family sold their estate. The heroine of Butterflies, Flowers.

Mikihiko Kuze

Choko’s younger brother. He works in the soba restaurant that Choko’s parents run, and keeps trying to take his college entrance exams and failing. He has a tendency to talk in a very old-fashioned, proper way, refusing to let go of his family’s past upper-class status.

Masayuki Domoto

The Director of the Administrative Department at Benten Estates. As the son of a former servant of the Kuze family, he grew up around Choko (and helped watch over her), who called him “Cha-chan.” His surname used to be Yoshida, but his parents divorced, and he took his mother’s family name.

Genzaburo Suou

A veteran office worker in the Administration Department, and a good friend of Domoto. He’s a guy, but he usually cross-dresses.

Makie Yanagi

The niece of the president and CEO of Benten Estates.

Kodo Yanagi

The President and CEO of Benten Estates. He’s a 70s anime otaku, and a total womanizer. He became CEO when the previous president and CEO (Kodo’s older brother) died. He met Domoto and Suou while in the National Defense Force, where he served as their academy instructor and supervising officer.

Reibun Jinguji

His father used to work as a clerk for the Kuze family, so he was around the Kuze estate a lot. He and Masayuki didn’t get along, and they still don’t, even though Jinguji is now the president of a talent agency.

Kaori Wakabayashi

Masayuki’s ex-girlfriend. She used to work in the Administrative Department of Benten Estates, but after their break-up, she moved to the Shanghai branch.


The branch manager of the Shanghai office of Benten Estates, and the Regional Director for Asia, and later the Senior Director of the Sales Department of the Tokyo headquarters. He successfully aided Domoto and President Yanagi in avoiding a coup that would have removed Yanagi from his presidential position. He is President Yanagi’s likely successor, after Domoto.