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Welcome to Kimi no Soba, the AnimeFanlisting.com-approved fanlisting for Butterflies, Flowers (Chou yo, Hana yo), a manga series written and drawn by Yuki Yoshihara.

The name of this fanlisting is a pun; Kimi no Soba means “Beside You,” but it could also be a very literal translation of “Your Noodles,” since the main character’s father runs a soba noodle shop.

Navigating Kimi no Soba

You can read more about the manga and this listing in the About section. Then go ahead, read the Rules, and click that Join link and become a member and fan of this series, and then show your pride by grabbing a button or linkban in our Codes. Then, check out the people who also enjoy Butterflies, Flowers in our Members section!

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